Sign The Bill 2018-01-16T14:58:45-05:00

I Pledge My Support of the Loya-Sears Bill

It is imperative that our government drastically improves TAP services to reduce Veteran homelessness, unemployment and suicide at onset. Investment in a more robust TAP is wise, ensuring accountability and transparency within the DOD, VA, DOL, and collaborating agencies. The Loya-Sears Bill gives voice to active duty military and Veterans, by laying out a comprehensive plan to raise the level of services offered to those who sacrifice for our great nation. By building upon existing programming, personnel and logistics, this proposal does not affect mission readiness. In fact, the simple, smart mandates of this proposal will usher in a new era of trust for the military, one in which a more robust armed forces can develop.

At its core, this legislative proposal mandates greater action and responsibility assumed by the DOD, demanding its direct leadership in providing the best possible opportunities for transitioning servicemembers. In 2018, the DOD can no longer avoid its moral obligation to dedicate the necessary transition resources to our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

We are working hard to bring the Loya-Sears Bill to Congress. Please pledge your support and sign the bill!